[linux-dvb] Re: Getting Kernel 2.6.13-rc3 and CVS DVB drivers to work with SuSE 9.3

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jul 29 11:07:26 CEST 2005

Joerg Knitter wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to get a system running with a Hauppauge Nova-T New Revision and 
> maybe also with a Hauppauge Nova-T USB. I tried to get it to work with 
> SuSE 9.3 (Kernel with several CVS versions and the Kernel 
> 2.6.12 patch, but as I did not get it to work (sometimes "-1 Unknown 
> symbol in module" messages), I compiled a new Kernel 2.6.13-rc3 and 
> downloaded the CVS from yesterday. Loading the drivers with "./insmod.sh 
> load" looks good:

Hi, maybe this helps, as I got similar problems with a 
2.6.13-mm-rc-somthing kernel on gentoo. I also had the "-1 Unknown 
symbol in module" message, I think for the budget module. The only way I 
could make the CVS drivers work was removing the drivers in the kernel 
tree and replaceing them with those checked out from CVS, and the 
reconfigure the kernel as if using it's own dvb drivers and the compile 
the kernel and the drivers (which should work very quickly as it only 
compiles changes related to the dvb drivers if you didn't clean the 
previous kernel build).

Does anyone have a cleaner solution to this, or know why it's not 
possible to straight-forward compile and load the dvb-kernel from CVS 
with a >= 2.6.13-rc3 kernel configured without it's own dvb drivers?


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