PATCH: Nebula DVB-T with MT352 Frontend (was Re: [linux-dvb] Nebula DVB-T frontend)

David Johnson dj at
Fri Jul 29 14:11:12 CEST 2005

On Thursday 28 July 2005 20:48, Ilkka Pirskanen wrote:
> As David points out,
> contains
> code to fix this to support mt352 front-end too.
> But it seems that the fix is not integrated into any release (at least I
> can't find it at any version at,
> which should contain 12-Jul-2005 snapshot).
> I don't have expertise to integrate the code, but it would be great if
> somebody could do it so that Nebula Electronics PCI DVB-T card users with
> mt352 front-end could get their card working under Linux (or if the code is
> already integrated tell us where it can be found).

I had a go at manually integrating it and it seems I was successful :-)
The driver detects the correct frontend and everything works as it should.
I attach a new version of the patch which applies to kernel 2.6.13-rc4 and the 
current dvb-kernel CVS.

I have only tested it with a new Nebula card, so someone needs to test it with 
a nxt6000 Nebula card. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the patch 
which should break non-Nebula card support.

I'm not sure why the last patch didn't get applied to CVS, but it'd be great 
if this one could be.

Standard disclaimer: this patch works for me, but might not for other people - 
use it at your own risk. If this patch eats your card/system/hampster, you 
were warned...


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