[linux-dvb] Cinergy T2 + udev rules

Matteo Azzali matte.az at libero.it
Sun Jul 31 22:28:30 CEST 2005

I realized a little (and temporary) howto to use the T2 remote with lirc 
(gentoo distro,udev)
that you can find here:   
But I found that pointing lirc to eventX node can give troubles (in my 
case for plugging/unplugging
the joypad, that move the remote from event3 to even2,and return to event3).

So I tried to make an udev rule to get a "stable" symlink to the node 
(event2 or event3).

I followed this guide : http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html

but does not seem that the remote of the cinergy T2 has attributes 
exported in sysfs.
I checked the source in search of KERNEL, SUBSYTEM or DRIVER name (sorry 
for caps,
they are capped everywhere I readed), but did not found.

I can use PLACE to set in my howto, but's very bad since just changing 
the usb-port
this key would change.

Can anyone here tell me please the DRIVER, SUBSISTEM or
KERNEL key of the T2 remote (can't use KERNEL=="event*" obviously)?


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