[linux-dvb] How to switch power supply for active antennas?

Sebastian Schneider Sebastian.Schneider at doc-network.de
Tue Mar 1 03:34:40 CET 2005


I got a Technisat Airstar 2 DVB-T PCI Card running in my PII 400 MMX 
with kernel 2.6.10 and vdr 1.3.17 together with the dxr3-plugin 0.2.3-pre2.

Here's my problem:
I measured 5V DC on the antenna input of my Airstar 2, which makes me 
believe that it is configured for the use with an active antenna. As I 
read, active antennas can lead to worse quality if they are used in 
regions where the signal strength is quite strong enough for passive 
antennas. So I got a passive one, but now I have to turn the 5V DC off.
I'm studying computer science so i'm a bit experienced in programming. I 
- of course - searched the internet and looked in/changed various kernel 
modules (skystar2, mt315, mt352, stv0299) but didn't manage to turn it 
off. I read parts of the DVB-API documentation as well, but all I found 
were functions concerning the power of LNBs.

Could someone tell me how to turn the 5V DC off? Is it even possible?

Thanks for your help!


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