[linux-dvb] Use of dvb devices (audio0, video0, dvr0, ...)

jmmercy jm.mercy at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 2 18:07:07 CET 2005


I am completely new to video under linux trying to understand what are the
various devices created by loading the drivers with my dvb nexus-s card. The card
works well and I can see my channels properly. I can even use mplayer to send
mpeg2 streams to my TV. I recently installed a pvr150 card and thought it would
be nice to use the tv-out of the nexus to display, under my command either stream. With the pvr150, I can easily grab the stream with a cat /dev/video1 (video0 is dvb). It is not possible, or at least that simple, with the dvb card. 
Here are my questions :

1/ I read a message saying that the dvr0 device would get a stream, demux it and
    output it to the video and audio. Does not work for me.
2/ Neither /dev/video0 nor /dev/dvb/adaptor0/video0 are writable for me. mplayer    
    reports use of /dev/dvb/adapter0/audio0+video0, though.
How should I deal with the various devices to get my audio and video streams to audio and video outputs ? (docs, infos ?)

I read that the 711x has a framebuffer to interact with the driver, is it usable
to get video directly to the tv output without a monitor (tv out as screen) ?

Best regards to all of you.

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