[linux-dvb] AverMedia 771-T, no data for 1 second, permanent signal loss

Florian-Wolfgang Stock f.stock at tu-bs.de
Wed Mar 2 18:39:18 CET 2005


Nathan Hand <nathanh at manu.com.au> writes:

>   bt878(0): irq FBUS risc_pc=17d9f010

you also got the irq lockup message?

For me increasing the lockup constant from 20 to 120 helped (either in the
bt8xxx.c source or with Hamish Moffats patch he post on my request some days
ago). With it, I still get the FBUS/FDSR messages, but no more lockups.

int m,u,e=0;float l,_,I;main(){for(;1840-e;putchar((++e>907&&942>e?61-m:u)

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