[linux-dvb] Problem with scanning using latest cx88 build (Nova-T)

Roger James roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 22:40:56 CET 2005

I have just updated to the latest cx88 driver (video4linux-20050302) and it
has broken my Myth setup. Myth has deleted all its PIDs from the database (I
guess that is a myth problem).


I cannot seem to get any rescans to work to get the PIDs back again. The
myth rescan just hangs (interruptibly) and never completes.

If I use tzap to tune to a channel that works fine and I get lock, but If  I
then  run scan then  I get the a "filter timeout" on PIDS 0 and 11.


Anyone got any ideas. What has changed from the builds of about 1 month ago.
It was all working then. (I really must learn to leave well alone :-( ).


Am I missing some extra driver config now.



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