[linux-dvb] PWM I2C ioctl calls?

Marko Kenttälä kent at students.cc.tut.fi
Thu Mar 3 15:05:05 CET 2005

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Anders Gunnarsson wrote:

> Have you found any optimal setting? I use pwm=0x64 now with good
> reception, with higher values tuning tend to be really slow. I also use
> a dvb_override_tune_delay=800 that seems to speed up the tuning. Could
> someone please quickly explain the implication of these settings or give
> a link to such information?

You should see the original pwm value on the logs when you load the DVB
modules. If you enable logging on ves1820 module with verbose=1 parameter
you can see the AFC value when tuning to new frequency. Just change your
pwm so that afc is as close to zero as possible.


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