[linux-dvb] skystar2 cards go to sleep?

w-thiel at gmx.net w-thiel at gmx.net
Thu Mar 3 15:54:17 CET 2005

Hi Niklas,

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 12:23:54PM +0100, Niklas Peinecke wrote:
> ...
> That's interesting, I had not heard of that problem aside from VDR 
> before. Could you please write down how many & what other dvb cards you 
> are using and what exactly is your application doing with them?

The no-data problem is not only happening with vdr. See my post of
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 21:29:38 +0100:

| ...
| I think I now found a way to reproduce the error; perhaps this helps
| somebody to track this error down:
| - zap to a channel and leave it running
| - set a filter (I'm using select on 8192)
| - remove the lnb while both programs are running
| - wait a few seconds
| - reconnect the lnb: zap looks ok again
| - stop and restart the filter: no more data is available; killing and
|   restarting zap, and then starting the filter again doesn't work either.
| ...

I just checked my skystar 2.6B with dvb in kernel 2.6.11, and the same
error can still be reproduced. 


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