[linux-dvb] HELP: strange problem with siemens dvb-c card

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Fri Mar 4 14:45:56 CET 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 03:33:01PM +0000, andi_s at BonBon.net wrote:
> i have a very strange problem with my dvb card!
> the analog modul works fine with xawtv (i can watch analog channels), 
> but DVB always fails... if i am running analog-xawtv and start ./scan 
> ./dvbtune ./cscan the screen turns black (so it seems that the DVB tools 
> are able to change the frequency), but i cannot see any tv output on my 
> screen (even if i switch xawtv to dvb) and the sound will be turned
> off... i am absolut sure that the hardware is ok (works on windows) and 
> that frequency and pids are correct (copied from a working channel, i 
> can watch under windows and checked them more than 3*)
> i don't think it's important, but i use udev and not devfs (udev is 
> setup as described in kernel dvb documentation)
> the devices seems to work, the drivers seems to be loaded and i use the 
> latest firmware, but whatever i try (tried xine, mplayer, vdr, xawtv) 
> the screen remains black! )-:
> so anybody out there able/willing to help me??? i don't know what else i 
> can do/test it seems to be a driver or firmwareproblem, but maybe i made 
> somewhere a mistake???
> dvbtune-0.5:
> #./dvbtune -f 394000000 -s 6900 -v 110 -a 121 -t 130 -I 2 -qam 64
> Using DVB card "VLSI VES1820 DVB-C"
> tuning DVB-C to 394000000, srate=6900000
> polling....
> Getting frontend event
> polling....
> Getting frontend event

Seems like you have trouble with the signal? Or maybe with the PWM

All I can say is: works for me:

$ czap zdf
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
reading channels from file '/home/js/.czap/channels.conf'
  1 ZDF:394000000:INVERSION_OFF:6900000:FEC_NONE:QAM_64:110:120
    1 ZDF: f 394000000, s 6900000, i 0, fec 0, qam 3, v 0x6e, a 0x78
    status 1f | signal 8585 | snr c0c0 | ber 00029220 | unc ffffffff | FE_HAS_LOCK


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