[linux-dvb] HELP: strange problem with siemens dvb-c card

andi_s at BonBon.net andi_s at BonBon.net
Sat Mar 5 10:54:52 CET 2005

Anders Gunnarsson wrote:
> The best settings I've found so far is the following, try to edit these 
> rows in insmod.sh
> insmod ./dvb-core.o dvb_override_tune_delay=800
> insmod ./ves1820.o pwm=0x64 (add verbose=1 after pwm to see your AFC-value)
> For me tuning is reasonably fast, a few seconds and reception is very 
> good. Hope you solve your problem.

thanks, but this did not worked...

as i was not able to set pwm (got "unknown parameter"), i changed the 

i replaced the line state->pwm = pwm with state->pwm = 0x64

i am not sure if this is the correct place to do this, but i think so!?
after this, using czap changed only the "ber" value from  000062d4 to 
00029220, but the status is still "00" and no FE_HAS_LOCK...

i would really like to try to test if it works with my original 
firmware, but it seems the driver does not support loading of the 
original firmware!? )-:

seems that i have to return to windows, if nobody has another idea )-:


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