[linux-dvb] Twinhan bug

Dr.Dre pharon at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 07:04:28 CET 2005

Hi all.

I borrowed a SAT pci card which appears to be an old ( blue color
circuit ) twinhan.
The usual startup sequence of the system hung everytime the card is plugged in.
I had to disable the PCI hotplug scripts to get the system to boot.
I then followed the instructions in the kernel documentation and
modprobed the driver like this:

modprobe bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x71

the system froze hard.

I rebooted and retried like this :

modprobe bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x68

the system froze hard again.

So I wrote this email as advised in the document.

I am using kernel 2.6.11 gentoo.

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