[linux-dvb] DVB framebuffer is in the kernel !

jmmercy jm.mercy at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 6 15:34:58 CET 2005


Sorry, but i have not given up 8-)

I discover after shuffling and googling that there is a (to be tested!) framebuffer
for dvb cards in the 2.6.x kernel source tree. It is not validated but default and
even requires tweaking to be compiled. Once loaded, teh driver registers itself to
the kernel, in my case as /dev/fb1. The driver has been written by people from
Germany whose names appear in the code itself. I do not want to cite them here, 
but the names can be found at the top of the driver. If any of you know of I could contact them, I would be gratefull as the driver has a strange behaviour. In fact,
when I open the framebuffer (open is Ok), I cannot mmap it even though the 
memory allocated initially if much more than what I request. The code used is the
exact example given on various pages for normal framebuffer (the example works
fine with the standard consold framebuffer). 
Any help to get it to work or improve it (code is not even experimental) is

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