[linux-dvb] saa7146 changes required for 2.6.11-bk1

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sun Mar 6 22:37:14 CET 2005

Oliver Endriss wrote:
> C.Y.M wrote:
>>I noticed the kernel developers made some new changes to i2c which affects 
>>saa7146 (and some other drivers) in 2.6.11-bk1.  Included is a patch for current 
>>dvb-kernel if you want to build the latest 2.6 kernel snapshot.
> Apparently, some guys out there have no real work to do and are busy
> fixing whitespace issues and crap like this.
> Btw, constructs like
> ..., struct i2c_msg msg[], ...
> and
> ..., struct i2c_msg *msg, ...
> are equivalent. So what?

Just trying to stay in sync as much as possible. I suppose the "pci_name" call 
is the major difference.

-		sprintf(cap->bus_info,"PCI:%s",dev->pci->slot_name);
+		sprintf(cap->bus_info,"PCI:%s", pci_name(dev->pci));


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