[linux-dvb] Air2PC-ATSC and QAM

Boleslaw Ciesielski bolek-mythtv at curl.com
Mon Mar 7 00:01:14 CET 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> Boleslaw Ciesielski wrote:
>>[congo:/home/mythtv] azap -c ~/.azap/channels.conf-qam C90
>>using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
>>tuning to 585000000 Hz
>>video pid 0x0000, audio pid 0x0000
>>status 00 | signal fff0 | snr 0000 | ber 00000000 | unc 00000000 |
>>status 1f | signal fc20 | snr df58 | ber 00007ff8 | unc 00000010 | 
>>status 1f | signal fc60 | snr df28 | ber 00007ff8 | unc 0000000f | 
> Doesn't look bad.

That's what I thought, although the constant ber seems kind of strange. 
Shouldn't that vary with each sample?

> It has nothing to do with encryption, at least the PAT must
> be in clear (is what test_sections 0 would output).

Thanks, this is good to know.

> Unfortunately, no but maybe the rewritten skystar2 driver
> works better (in dvb-kernel/b2c2/).

I tried it and it crashes while trying to download the firmware (see 
below), even though the old driver has no problem with that part. 
However, it seems like the new driver is in active development so I will 
keep trying.

Thanks for your response,


nxt2002: Waiting for firmware upload (dvb-fe-nxt2002.fw)...
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000058
  printing eip:
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000 [#1]
Modules linked in: b2c2-flexcop-pci b2c2-flexcop stv0297 nxt2002 mt312 
mt352 stv0299 dvb-core firmware_class sg scsi_mod autofs4 nfsd exportfs 
lockd sunrpc md5 ipv6 snd-seq-oss snd-seq-midi-event snd-seq snd-pcm-oss 
snd-mixer-oss snd-emu10k1 snd-rawmidi snd-seq-device snd-ac97-codec 
snd-pcm snd-timer snd-page-alloc snd-util-mem snd-hwdep snd soundcore 
af_packet button thermal processor fan ac battery e100 mii ide-cd 
supermount lirc_i2c lirc_dev ivtv-fb msp3400 saa7127 saa7115 tuner 
tveeprom ivtv i2c-algo-bit i2c-core videodev loop dm-mod genrtc ext3 jbd
CPU:    0
EIP:    0060:[<c01c305a>]    Not tainted VLI
EFLAGS: 00010296   (2.6.10-1mdk)
EIP is at strlcpy+0x1a/0x60
eax: 00000000   ebx: d40c4ce0   ecx: ffffffff   edx: 00000011
esi: 00000014   edi: 00000058   ebp: c16fdee0   esp: c16fded8
ds: 007b   es: 007b   ss: 0068
Process kdvb-fe-0 (pid: 30820, threadinfo=c16fc000 task=d624f550)
Stack: cf372d40 cf372d9c c16fdf30 d887d5e3 cf372d88 00000058 00000014 
        d7abed60 c6fb9d20 00000000 00000000 d8cdcec9 c16fdf2c c011a8d4 
        d4153400 d41534fc c16fdf30 d8cb676e d4153400 d41534fc c16fdf5c 
Call Trace:
  [<c0103b2f>] show_stack+0x7f/0xa0
  [<c0103cc6>] show_registers+0x156/0x1d0
  [<c0103e3b>] die+0xfb/0x1f0
  [<c0114bc2>] do_page_fault+0x472/0x695
  [<c01037cf>] error_code+0x2b/0x30
  [<d887d5e3>] request_firmware+0x143/0x390 [firmware_class]
  [<d8cb6151>] nxt2002_init+0x61/0x1e0 [nxt2002]
  [<d8cd8c34>] dvb_frontend_thread+0x94/0x4f0 [dvb-core]
  [<c0101005>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0x10
Code: 49 75 f2 5b 89 f0 5e 5d c3 90 8d b4 26 00 00 00 00 55 31 c0 89 e5 
83 ec 08 b9 ff ff ff ff 89 34 24 8b 75 10 89 7c 24 04 8b 7d 0c <f2> ae 
f7 d1 49 85 f6 89 ca 74 27 39 f1 8d 46 ff 8b 7d 08 0f 42

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