[linux-dvb] Problem with demod and demux

Julien FLATRES julien1715fr at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 7 18:15:01 CET 2005

Hello !
I'm using the linuxtv-dvb API embedded in my Debian 2.6.8 distribution. I am using a Nexus-s Hauppauge card.
I've got 2 problems : 
1. I would like to force the front-end to unlock. However there is no ioctl functions dedicated to do this. First, I tried to lock the front-end on a dummy frequency : it does not work. Then, I did a "close" and an "open" on the file descriptor. It does not work too. Do you have any ideas ??
2. I would like to stop the demux. 
     2.1. First I tried to do that :
Filter[filterId].pes_params.flags &= ~DMX_IMMEDIATE_START;       
ioctl(Filter[filterId].iFd, DMX_SET_PES_FILTER, &Filter[filterId].pes_params);

-> It does not work, the demux cannot stop sending data !
    2.2. Then I tried that : 
ioctl(Filter[filterId].iFd, DMX_STOP, 0);
-> It does not work, the demux cannot stop sending info !
    2.3. Even I close the demux file descriptor, I receive data from the demux.
Could you help me, please ??
Thanx a lot for your contributions !

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