[linux-dvb] Re: Continuity Errors with tda10021 (Re: Distorded video with Cinergy1200 DVB-C)

slickhenry slickh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 13:42:54 CET 2005

Robert Schlabbach:
> I have since bought a Cinergy 1200 DVB-C and wrote a Windows driver for it
> and ran into the same thing. It appears to be a timing issue between the
> demodulator and the SAA7146A (rather than a PCI DMA issue): It looks as if
> sometimes the "SYNC" line goes high so early that the SAA7146A latches in
> the last (check) byte of the previous packet and subsequently is one byte
> off on every byte.
> Try this: Invert the polarity of the output clock with which the SAA7146A
> latches in the bytes from the demodulator by _not_ setting the POCLKP bit
> in the POLA1 register (change the third byte in the third line of the init
> array from 0xa1 to 0xa0). This seems to cure the issue in my Windows
> driver.
> Please let me know what your results are.

Thank you very much for your work. 

This fixed it 100% at my side :) Can we have some more affirmatives and
get the fix into cvs asap?


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