[linux-dvb] Maintainers of the tda1004x module still available?

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Thu Mar 10 00:09:46 CET 2005


Kenneth Aafløy wrote:

>>Hartmut wrote that the chip has a different crystal (16MHz) in
>>this application and also needs different AGC parameters.
>>IMHO these changes could be handled in the struct tda10046_config
>>which is given as an argument to tda10046_attach - but still this
>>would need changes to all the clients.
Yes, that's my opinion as well...

> If you make the parameter in tda10046 positive for the odd card,
> the other attach points need not be changed, because of prezeroing.

That sounds a bit ugly to me but its a possible solution.
I heard about C99 defaults but it looks i am too stupid for this,
i get compile errors.

Anyway, this gives me a chance to post the first shot.

> Kenneth


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