[linux-dvb] Maintainers of the tda1004x module still available?

Kenneth Aafløy lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Thu Mar 10 01:01:29 CET 2005

On Thursday 10 March 2005 00:09, Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
> > If you make the parameter in tda10046 positive for the odd card,
> > the other attach points need not be changed, because of prezeroing.
> That sounds a bit ugly to me but its a possible solution.
> I heard about C99 defaults but it looks i am too stupid for this,
> i get compile errors.
> Anyway, this gives me a chance to post the first shot.

It is not ugly at all, large parts of the kernel rely on prezeroing.
And a quick grep confirms that you can use it:

ttpci/budget-av.c:static struct tda1004x_config philips_tu1216_config = {
ttpci/budget-ci.c:static struct tda1004x_config philips_tdm1316l_config = {
ttusb-budget/dvb-ttusb-budget.c:static struct tda1004x_config philips_tdm1316l_config = {

Was not that many users after all, so do it any way you want.


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