[linux-dvb] "urb completition error -71" when unplugging USB2.0 Dibcom reference design device

Samuel Huang checkout3.tw at yahoo.com.tw
Thu Mar 10 05:18:22 CET 2005

I've found a problem when unplugging device without unloading modules(e.g. dvb-dibusb, ...). In dmesg I see the following faults
~/dvb-dibusb-dvb.c: urb completition error -71.
~/dvb-dibusb-usb.c: bulk message failed: -71 (1/0)~/dvb-dibusb-dvb.c: urb completition error -71.
(repeat...never end)
The USB2.0 Dibcom reference device is tested in Debian 3.1 testing dist, with kernel-2.6.10.
In fact I found a similiar problem concerning about paging fault due to failure in bulk message when I changed environment settings to Fedora 3 + kernel 2.6.9. It seldom happened when loading driver modules after plugging the same device. I guess something wrong in usb part reguesting virtual memory. I'm going to figure it out recently, and any comments will be appreciated all the time.
Patrick, if you are available here...you are pro!

Love me little, love me long.
Samuel H.

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