[linux-dvb] scanning satellite channels with Kaffeine

Simon Robert simon.robert at oldhouse-cottage.co.uk
Thu Mar 10 19:28:43 CET 2005

I have a technomate digi box on one LNB and a skystar2 card on another, 
same fixed dish, same astra 28e. The scan gives me slighty different 
results on each device. For example the digi box lists CNN and Reality 
TV as available unencrypted channels, kaffeine/ss2 doesn't. ss2/kaffeine 
lists Abu Dhabi TV and the box don't.

Kaffeine defaults to astra 28e for channel scan, the box simply astra2. 
Are there different subsets? If so how do I configure ss2/kaffeine to 
pick them up? Or is simply picking up different names with CNN being 
called Z29667, (or whatever), as far as kaffeine is concerned?

Any ideas?




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