[linux-dvb] scanning satellite channels with Kaffeine

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Fri Mar 11 09:06:34 CET 2005

Le Jeudi 10 Mars 2005 19:28, Simon Robert a écrit :
> Hi
> I have a technomate digi box on one LNB and a skystar2 card on another,
> same fixed dish, same astra 28e. The scan gives me slighty different
> results on each device. For example the digi box lists CNN and Reality
> TV as available unencrypted channels, kaffeine/ss2 doesn't. ss2/kaffeine
> lists Abu Dhabi TV and the box don't.
> Kaffeine defaults to astra 28e for channel scan, the box simply astra2.
> Are there different subsets? If so how do I configure ss2/kaffeine to
> pick them up? Or is simply picking up different names with CNN being
> called Z29667, (or whatever), as far as kaffeine is concerned?

Kaffeine uses initial tuning data files stored in 
$HOME/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/dvb-s(or t, or c)/
You can edit the one for astra 28.2E if you think something is missing (you 
can add several initial transponders).

> Any ideas?
> thanks
> Simon

Christophe Thommeret

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