[linux-dvb] [patch] dvb-bt8xx cleanup

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Fri Mar 11 14:30:32 CET 2005

Manu Abraham <manu at kromtek.com> writes:

> No that is wrong.. That was because Jamie originally made dummy
> frontend routines for the dst, and thereby somebody who moved the code
> around, without the idea, thought the dst was a frontend driver.  Many
> people do think that the dst is a frontend. *This was actually wrong*.

So how would you define dst ? 

> You cannot state that very explicitly considering all the
> details. It is, well in a way heavily tied up with the bt878.

Manu means this literally. From the code you can see that dst is
controlled through bt878 i2c bus and bt878 gpio pins.

>>> I created a twinhan-exp branch on the CVS and plan to move the
>>> development over there ..

It might be a good idea not to change bt8xx trunk too much before this
branch is merged in the main tree. Lest the merging will be really

BTW, are there many people interested in beta testing twinhan-exp
branch ?  (I certainly am)

> My patches are almost 8 months old, but people have been testing it
> out for 2 ~ 3 months with various good and bad results.

Yes. Bad then good ;-)

> What i intend to do as people test out the experimental code, i can
> keep merging it into MAIN. That was what even Johannes and Patrick
> were suggesting..

Sounds good.

> Don't you feel that a working driver is more acceptable than a broken
> driver with nice code ?

At first yes. But, after that, a careful cleanup will be invaluable
for future maintenance or for newbies to understand your code.  (But
then again, we'd need a flock of beta testers to validate the cleaned
up code)


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