[linux-dvb] [patch] dvb-bt8xx cleanup

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Fri Mar 11 20:45:06 CET 2005

Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
> On Friday 11 March 2005 19:46, Manu Abraham wrote:
>>It looks okay.. But are you sure you want to make the transition from 
>>dvb-bt8xx to bt878 straight away, or can can you hold back a while till 
>>dominique finshes testing..
>>If you think it does not break anything.. maybe better i will send you a 
>>tarball of what i am working on, maybe you will get a better idea of 
>>what i was working on ..
>>I think your patch doesn't break anything, but it would be better if you 
>>can hold back a while, such that things are not in a hanging state. The 
>>reason is that the hardware is really a mess and indentify what exactly 
>>is the problem is extremely difficult ..
>>What i woud suggest is if you can wait a while , till this state of 
>>uncertainty is over, that would be nice, and quite helpful for the 
>>people who do test it out .. I had cases where a sleep for a jiffie had 
>>problems.. damn. These kind of problems are visible with CI modules..
> From the looks of the difference between the tarball you sent me,
> there are a huge amount of whitespace changes in cvs compared to
> your files. Make sure you don't import those back into cvs.

That was a preliminary update that i did.. In the tarball i had all the 
whitespace cleanups.. I intend to do the cleanup soon just after a 
preliminary trial run...

> Other than that there is the orxxxx driver changes, which you have
> not exported to your sources yet, so I would say that bt878* and
> dvb-bt8xx* is safe to work on, now that you have imported the only
> changes required to bt878* and dvb-bt8xx*.

That's right i have not yet imported the orxxxx changes.., if you feel 
comfortable then go ahead, you can make the experimental branch changes 
in sync with the MAIN as well as your patch.

I hope that nothing breaks, as *there are many unknowns in the dst 
driver even to the manufacturer*. I mean even to the hardware designers.

Well if you feel that it should be done immediately go ahead, i am not 
stopping you.


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