[linux-dvb] A suggestion required...

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Sat Mar 12 13:07:57 CET 2005

Hello All,

I have been working on the Twinhan and Twinhan clone card drivers, i 
mean both FTA and CI based ones..

The FTA cards do look like most standard cards, whereas the CI based 
cards are a bit different from others..

The reason why the CI based cards do differ from the others is that 
there is no Transport Layer visible to the driver, but does exists in 
some form in the Firmware, and nothing can be done about it ..

So here i am at a point, ready to write a layer/library that would make 
it more adaptable to DVB applications..

In this aspect i would need your valuable suggestions and directions as 
to what direction i might have to take..

I initially thought, i would start the question up, with some amount of 
code, but then, thought that would not be the best away to start upon 
this endeavour..

I would really like to know at what point i can really start, as this 
hardware works totally in the Application layer, and has specific 
commands issued to it for various tasks, but these commands i have 
almost got it hidden under the linux DVB API. So thereby standard CI 
commands can be issued to it.

So i am at a point where i am looking for somebody to show me a direction..

Thanks and Regards,


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