[linux-dvb] problems compiling DVB-modules - flexcop-pci.c:45: error: variable or field `__iomem' declared void

Pierre Feldbusch Pierre.Feldbusch at cachaca.de
Sun Mar 13 11:38:51 CET 2005

I have problems compiling the DVB-modules.

my hardware:
epia ME6000
technotrend DVB-S 1.6

my software
uname -a: Linux muli #1 SMP i686 GNU/Linux

i downloaded the DVB-driver-source (<DVB_DRIVER_SRC>) today (13/03/05)
from cvs-server by 

   cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at linuxtv.org:/cvs/linuxtv co dvb-kernel

and downloaded the firmware (althought it's included in the
source-directory) by

  cd <DVB_DRIVER_SRC>/linux/Documentation/dvb
  ./get_dvb_firmware av7110

and copied the both files (dvb-ttpci-01.fw, dvb-ttpci-01.fw-261d) to

there are the following symbolic links:
      build -> /usr/src/linux-
      source -> /usr/src/linux-

i tried to compile the DVB-driver by 

   cd <DVB_DRIVER_SRC>/build-2.6

and get the following error:

root at muli:/usr/local/src/DVB/build-2.6# make
[ -L saa7146_video.c ] || ./getlinks
make -C /lib/modules/ 
SUBDIRS=/usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6 AV7110_FIRMWARE=
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-'
  CC [M]  /usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/flexcop-pci.o
/usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/flexcop-pci.c:45: error: variable or
field `__iomem' declared void
/usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/flexcop-pci.c:45: Warnung: kein
Semikolon am Ende von struct oder union
/usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/flexcop-pci.c:45: error: Fehler beim
Parsen before '*' token
/usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/flexcop-pci.c:57: error: Fehler beim
Parsen before '}' token
/usr/local/src/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/flexcop-pci.c: In Funktion

the "flexcop-pci.c" looks like this:

    38  struct flexcop_pci {
    39          struct pci_dev *pdev;
    41  #define FC_PCI_INIT     0x01
    42  #define FC_PCI_DMA_INIT 0x02
    43          int init_state;
    45          void __iomem *io_mem;
    46          u32 irq;
    47  /* buffersize (at least for DMA1, need to be % 188 == 0,
    48   * this is logic is required */
    49  #define FC_DEFAULT_DMA1_BUFSIZE (1280 * 188)
    50  #define FC_DEFAULT_DMA2_BUFSIZE (10 * 188)
    51          struct flexcop_dma dma[2];
    53          int active_dma1_addr; /* 0 = addr0 of dma1; 1 = addr1 of
dma1 */
    54          u32 last_dma1_cur_pos; /* position of the pointer last
time the timer/packet irq occured */
    56          struct flexcop_device *fc_dev;
    57  };

my c-knowledge is very antiquated but for me it looks ok. i read the
TROUBLESHOOTING file but i don't think this failure is triggered by a
wrong kernel-source-tree.

kind regards


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