[linux-dvb] Flyview DVB-T cards: tuner support

Jim Darby jim at jimbocorp.uklinux.net
Sun Mar 13 15:45:54 CET 2005

Hi All,

I'm looking at buying one of those Flyview DVB-T cards: the one with the
silicon tuners that does both analogue and digital simultaneously.

There's been some discussion on this list about them.

As I understand it, the SAA7134 and TDA10046HT chips are supported but
the tuners (note plural) TDA7274 (digital) and TDA7275 (analogue) are a
little more suspect.

Can someone update me on what the status of these is?

Many thanks for your help,

Jim Darby <jim at jimbocorp.uklinux.net>
The Jimbo Corporation

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