[linux-dvb] Flyview DVB-T cards: tuner support

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Sun Mar 13 16:35:10 CET 2005

Jim Darby wrote:

>Hi All,
>I'm looking at buying one of those Flyview DVB-T cards: the one with the
>silicon tuners that does both analogue and digital simultaneously.
>There's been some discussion on this list about them.
>As I understand it, the SAA7134 and TDA10046HT chips are supported but
>the tuners (note plural) TDA7274 (digital) and TDA7275 (analogue) are a
>little more suspect.
>Can someone update me on what the status of these is?
>Many thanks for your help,

mine has the analog parts (tuner, composite, svhs) working, but
I didn't test the radio. Latest snapshot of video4linux autodetect the card.
The dvb part is not working yet.

I can assure the the bundled windows software is really catastrophic:
it didn't work completely even once, and the bda driver is equally 
not a single time it worked with 3rd party applications, so if you plan to
use the card often your only chance is Linux.

Fortunately Linux driver and application always come to the rescue:
rock solid and quite quick channel switching. Only minor issue: audio seem
to be always samples at 32 khz.


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