[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nexus-S v2.3

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Mon Mar 14 04:05:00 CET 2005

Bernd wrote:
> > Add these lines to your channels.conf:
> > Tango TV:10832:h:0:22000:61:62:0
> > DW-TV:11597:v:0:22000:1000:1001:0
> Well, Tango TV works (audio & video), DW-TV doesn't.
> By the way: Bibel TV is also working - Hallelujah ;-)
> Bibel:10831:h:1:22000:32:33:1:61900
> All other 227 channels in my channels.conf don't work.

Fine, the tuner seems to work.
It's just the band selection which needs to be fixed.

> > Basically you have to find out how the pins 5(VSEL) and 13(ENT) of the
> > LNBP20 are wired. Google for a datasheet of the LNBP20.
> I think there are some more differences between rev. 2.2 and 2.3 Nexus-S: 
> There is a LNBP21PD onboard, not a LNBP20. I had a look at both datasheets. I 
> don't understand much of the stuff, but they seem to be controlled in a 
> completely different way:

Sorry, somewhere I read that a LNBP20 is being used.
I should have looked at the pictures!
(Btw, all revisions < 2.3 use LNBP13 or LNBP16.)

> LNBP20   --> high or low level on pin 5 / 13
> LNBP21PD --> controlled by register access via I2C bus
> What are the consequences for the driver?

Well, we simply have use the I2C bus. ;-)
Should not be very difficult.

First you should verify that pin 12(SDA) and 13(SCL) are connected to
the I2C bus of the SAA7146.
Where is pin 7(ADDR) connected to? GND/Vcc/???
Then try to find out how the other pins are wired.

Meanwhile I'll read the datasheet of the LNBP21.

> I played a little with the values written to reg 0x0c in stv0299_set_voltage() 
> (stv0299.c) but without any effect. After all I switched to dummy mode: just 
> read the registers (0x08, 0x0c) and write the values back without any 
> changes. And again: no difference and Tango & Bibel TV were still working!
> Maybe the voltage is set in a completely different way as in rev 2.X?

Sure. It must be done using I2C commands sent to the LNBP21.

> Is it really the correct tuner chip we are trying?

Yes, imho.


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