[linux-dvb] Twinhan-exp [update-03]

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Mon Mar 14 12:33:32 CET 2005

Martin Cap wrote:
> Hi Manu,
> once again, works excellent for me :) (FTA-card, modellname "Hama DVB-T 
> PCI Card").

In this update what i struggled most was to get the driver working with 
both CI and FTA based cards, yet not loose tuning speed, or failures

>  From my experience, tuning speed did improve noticably.

That's good to know.. The FTA cards are slightly faster than CI based 
cards in tuning, can check whether it slows down considerably when 
switching polarities and so on.. ?

> Furthermore with drivers from HEAD I had small "hangers" after 
> channel-zapping (picture was disturbed for some ms), this is something I 
> still have to observe with your [update-03]-drivers, to see if it still 
> occurs.

Please do try it out the best you can try, as bugs isolated earler would 
be easier rather than fixing bugs in the entire driver. This point 
itself was the major point for the experimental branch.

Give it your best shot in finding the bugs out.

> But anyway, thanks for your great job !


Regarding the High level CI API structure people should thank Ralph 
Metzler, for laying the foundation for the High level CI API in such a 
way that, there will not be any CI hardware that will fail to fit into 
the structure

I will provide the complete details/Documentation of this quite soon 
itself, as i finish on that.


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