[linux-dvb] ASI card + EPG

Diogo de Andrade Diogo.Andrade at spellcasterstudios.com
Mon Mar 14 21:19:07 CET 2005

Hey all!

My current assignment at work is to read some EPG data from a transport
stream so that I can process it later.
I've been digging through the LinuxTV project and it looks just like the
doctor ordered... The problem is that I'm fairly new to this kind of
software and I really don't know how to begin to tackle the problem...
I have a satellite dish connected to a professional IRD with an ASI
output, and I have a Dektec PCI ASI card installed on my Red Hat 9 PC.
As far as I could understand, the LinuxTV system is designed to work
out-of-the-box with DVB-S/T/C cards, but I don't need the front-end/CA
parts of LinuxTV (because the IRD and the ASI card already do that for
me), so I guess there is a way to "trick" the demux part of LinuxTV to
get an ASI feed instead of what the frontend/ca part give it. I just
want to read the PSI/SI tables, but I really don't want to parse the ASI
stream... that would be a real nightmare...
But, as I stated early, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the overall complexity
of this system (me being new to some details of Linux programming and
all), so my request is if someone could point me to the right direction,
I would appreciate it very much

Thanks in advance

Diogo de Andrade
Spellcaster Studios
diogo.andrade at spellcasterstudios.com

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