[linux-dvb] Flyview DVB-T cards: tuner support

Jim Darby jim at jimbocorp.uklinux.net
Tue Mar 15 01:24:46 CET 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-13 at 14:45, Jim Darby wrote:

> As I understand it, the SAA7134 and TDA10046HT chips are supported but
> the tuners (note plural) TDA7274 (digital) and TDA7275 (analogue) are a
> little more suspect.

Oops. That's a TDA8274 for the digital tuning and it appears that the
analogue tuning is done on something else (in the SAA7134?) and works.

However, as I understand it, no-body knows how to program the 8274 and
hence it isn't supported.

Would this be a fair summary of the situation?

Anyone looking into it? There was some talk a while back on a contact
engineer inside Philips. I was wondering if anything came of this.

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