[linux-dvb] Twinhan-exp [update-03]

Martin Cap macap20001 at compuserve.de
Tue Mar 15 12:12:59 CET 2005

Hi ,

I have a DVB-T card("Hama DVB-T PCI Card"), with similar femon-"issues". 
Although I am ~100% sure it's not an issue, but read for yourself:
The DVB-API says, SNR and STR are values between 0 (=0%) and (2^16)-1 
(65535=100%), but the driver
cannot tell, whether the values the card reports to it, are valid (or of 
any conformance to the API :) ).

My DVB-T card (I'm pretty sure about this), reports the values already 
in percent (ie. something between 0x0 -0x64) to the driver (as an 16bit 
int, upper 8bit are the values for SNR or STR, lower 8bit are always 0, 
ie. 0x0000-0x6400).

What I did in VDRs femon-plugin is a little hack, something like :m_SNR 
= ((snr >> 8) * 655) for SNR, m_STR = ((str >> 8) * 655). The 
femon-plugin now reports the correct values, as it divides m_SNR/m_STR 
by 655.

BTW.: BER and UNC are not supported for my card. What about yours ?

Martin Cap

Roberto Sebastiano wrote:
> Works here with a Twinhan DTV Sat-Express (FTA).
> I tried scan, vdr & mplayer.
> What doesn't work is femon (signal monitor utility).
> It always reports almost zero signal (but I can see the channel without
> problem).

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