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Sid Boyce sboyce at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 13:07:37 CET 2005

Karl Reichert wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using kaffeine with dvb-plugin. Under DVB there is nothing, so I
> think it's missing a channel-list or something. So I did
> "cp /usr/share/dvb/channels/dvb-t/berlin /root/.tzap/channels.conf"
> and
> "cp /usr/share/dvb/channels/dvb-t/berlin /home/smoky/.xine/channels.conf" but it still looks the same.
> Any idea?
> thx
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My card is a Hauppauge Nova-T Winfast 2000 XP
DVB --> channels --> Start Scan
When the scan is finished, select the stations and click on "<< Add 
selected", then "Done", creates the channels.dvb file.

channels.dvb  dvb-c/  dvbdata.tar.gz  dvbrc  dvb-s/  dvb-t/  playlists/ 
  timers.dvb  wizard_stamp_v0.5  xine-config

Astra-19.2E  CVS/            Hotbird-13.0E  PAS-43.0W    Telecom2-8.0W 
Astra-28.2E  Hispasat-30.0W  OptusC1-156E   Sirius-5.0E  Telstar12-15.0W 

de-Berlin              fi-Kerimaki      se-Angelholm 
se-Kisa                  se-Sundsvall                 uk-Reigate
de-Braunschweig        fi-Koli          se-Bollnas 
se-Kramfors              se-Trollhattan               uk-Rowridge
de-Bremen              fi-Kruunupyy     se-Boras 
se-Linkoping_Vattentorn  se-Uddevalla                 uk-SandyHeath
etc., etc.
I think it uses the dvbdata.tar.gz file above rather than the 
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