[linux-dvb] Kaffeine-DVB

Philip Axer paxer at nyware.de
Tue Mar 15 16:51:39 CET 2005

as far as I know there isn't any extra plugin. perhaps you mean the CVS 0.6 
Version, with builtin dvb support.
(I'm using a german version I'm trying to translate the GUI Items properly)
Regarding to the cvs 0.6 version there is a button "DVB" in the top level 
menu, there you may find an Item "Channels". After choosing your location 
profile, which should be delivert with your kaffeine checkout, just scan and 
you'r ready to enjoy your coffee :)

If there should be any plugin and I'm totally wrong, just delete this mail, 
and keep my nice try in mind :)

Philip Axer

Am Dienstag, 15. März 2005 11:26 schrieb Karl Reichert:

> I'm using kaffeine with dvb-plugin. Under DVB there is nothing, so I
> Any idea?

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