[linux-dvb] screen flickers with newest drivers

Vladimir Shved vshved at logistic-systems.com
Tue Mar 15 19:02:58 CET 2005

Does anyone know why screen flickers with some of the drivers for FF cards
when switching channels? I have two machines, one with kernel 2.4.28 and
drivers from 2004/12/26 where I see no flickering but on another machine
with latest 2.6.11 kernel w/ CVS drivers the screen flickers when I change
channels using VDR. On first machine, when you switch channels, picture
disappears and OSD stays on very reliably and no flickering but on second
machine the screen flickers, sort of jumps but you can see fragments of OSD
and it continues until the video comes in. At first I thought it was my TV
but then I tried three different TVs and even tried it on PC w/ old TV tuner
card. It might not be big deal but it's very unpleasant for eyes, and just
does not look good. Is there any way to fix this?


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