[linux-dvb] I search a name in order to release a dvb program

Petr Nejedly P.Nejedly at sh.cvut.cz
Tue Mar 15 19:16:05 CET 2005

gnu-braice wrote:

> Hello
> I've written a program in gpl.
> I want to know if some people is interested.

I believe I'm very interested so I don't have to write something very 
similar myself.
Is the code already available somewhere?

> It takes 12% of a Celeron 2.6GHz for a full transponder

So it may be able to multicast all channels of a single DVB-T on a 
225MHz ARM,
garnted that the machine is already able to store full TS to a USB harddrive
with 30-40% CPU utilization, right?


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