[linux-dvb] knoppmyth terratec cinergy 1200

Christian chris at chupi.de
Wed Mar 16 01:31:15 CET 2005


i´m really new to this and thought to install my tv recorder via 
knoppmyth would be the easiest way...
Problem is, that knoppmyth can´t find my Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-S...

ok full review i have a running pc with some other things on it and 
bootet knoppmyth and made a manual installation
to my free hda2, no extra partition for myth / cache just one for swap 
(hda7). Installation works, only problem until than is
that it allways can´t find a video mode for my TV ? have to confirm 2 
times before it starts (or can choose to set a mode / scan)

But that´s not the real Problem (i hope), After the Installation 
knopmyth starts, i used the XFCONFIG-4 from the nvidia example
(Video Card is an nvidia gf440mx) and installed the nvidia drivers 
(unpack kernel and in /usr/srv that install-nv.... script)

After that Knopmyth starts and i can start to configure it... But when 
it comes to Configure Video Card i dunno what to choose...
only thing i found logical was that DVB stuff but that say´s that theres 
no card...

On the boot menu KnoppMyth also tells me that it doesn´t found a card.. 
so most like it´s not available...but it tells me that the
module saa7146 is loaded...

I´m really no expert and hole google didn´t help me... seems that all 
those guy´s out there have
no problem with that card and mythtv... Maybe i´m just missing a simple 
command ? load dvb modules or
stuff... but knoppmyth should do all that stuff...

Any Help would be nice (sry not that used to write English)

Best Regards

Christian Unger

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