[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 200i

Rainer Schubert lintv at dl6hbo.inka.de
Thu Mar 17 18:45:28 CET 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, [iso-8859-15] François-Xavier Payet wrote:

> Thanks for your quick answer. I'm using a 2.6.11 kernel with video4linux, and
> when I do a 'modprobe saa7134 "card=50"' , my dmesg gives me this :

Hi Francois,

the original saa7134 files in the 2.6.11 kernel lack the additional code
and information found in the additional video4linux code from bytesex.org 

Are you sure, your card is a 200i ?

Your lspci output looks very much like mine.

> saa7130/34: v4l2 driver version 0.2.12 loaded
> ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:01:09.0[A] -> GSI 7 (level, low) -> IRQ 7
> saa7134[0]: found at 0000:01:09.0, rev: 1, irq: 7, latency: 32, mmio:
> 0xde001000
> saa7134[0]: subsystem: 11bd:002d, board: Pinnacle PCTV Stereo (saa7134)
> [card=26,autodetected]
> saa7134[0]: board init: gpio is cc06000
> tuner: chip found at addr 0xc0 i2c-bus saa7134[0]
> tuner: type set to 33 (MT20xx universal) by saa7134[0]
> tuner: microtune: companycode=3cbf part=42 rev=05
> tuner: microtune MT2050 found, OK
> tda9885/6/7: chip found @ 0x86
> saa7134[0]: i2c eeprom 00: bd 11 2d 00 f8 f8 1c 00 43 43 a9 1c 55 d2 b2 92
> saa7134[0]: i2c eeprom 10: 00 f0 04 04 ff 20 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
> saa7134[0]: i2c eeprom 20: 01 40 01 02 03 ff 03 01 08 ff 00 25 ff ff ff ff
> saa7134[0]: i2c eeprom 30: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
> saa7134[0]: registered device video0 [v4l2]
> saa7134[0]: registered device vbi0

This looks exactly like what I saw on my system before I compiled the 
additional video4linux code from bytesex.org !

> So, there's some things I don't understand :
> 	- Why isn't the module loaded with the card 50 as asked, but with a PCTV
> Stereo card

Because the code and data in the original 2.6.11 kernel code lack the 
additional information found in the video4linux code from bytesex.org !

Take a look at the file saa7134_cards.c to see what I mean. There are less
than 50 cards defined so the "card=50" parameter is useless unless you 
have the additional video4linux code compiled and installed !

With card=26 you may view analogue TV but no digital TV.

> 	- Why isn't the numeric tuner found

Because the card is not defined in the kernel code saa7134_cards.c !

> Thanks
> FX

>> What you need is at least a 2.6.10 kernel and the "video4linux" sources
>> from http://dl.bytesex.org/cvs-snapshots/

What you have done is mistake the kernel's video4linux code with the one
from bytesex.org, you need both to make your card work !

Rainer Schubert - Linux TV User

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