[linux-dvb] TT DVB-C C2300 OT and QAM128 tuning problems

Mikko Hamalainen mikolas at mikolas.net
Fri Mar 18 12:52:25 CET 2005


I've been trying to get TT C2300 to work in my local cable network (HTV in
Helsinki, Finland). Unfortunately, majority of the muxes use QAM128
modulation and for some reason the card is not able to tune to those
(dvbscan fails on those muxes also), using the CVS dvb-kernel modules.
Scanning and tuning works perfectly using TT's Windows software. I think
stv0297 is the culprit here so I'd like to know if anyone is actively
working on that?

I also could spend some of my free time to work on the frontend driver,
given that I get enough information on the ST chip. I wasn't able to find
any datasheets on the net so if anyone knows technical details of the
chip, please let me know. I think there will be a demand for working
driver w/ QAM128 support as older versions of the card will be

Best regards,

PS. Does the dvb-kernel supplied firmware support this card?

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