[linux-dvb] Twinhan + Hauppauge WinTV, modprobe hangs

Thomas Knauer lists-linux-dvb at gmx-gmbh.de
Fri Mar 18 20:02:54 CET 2005


>Is this a problem anyone else has seen?  Ideally, I'd like to run as
>vanilla a 2.6.11 kernel as possible, w/out piling patches on.  This may
>not be possible, though, with this hardware.  Is it odd that the box
>hangs with only the Twinhan, and drivers compiled static into the
>kernel, or is it a known problem?

this issue has been reported before, but not as detailed as your report. :)

The problem is presumably caused by the bttv-Driver, introduced in kernel
patches after 2.6.11-rc2. :-((


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