[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nexus-S v2.3 budgetpatch?

Bengt Stark bengt_stark at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 13:48:24 CET 2005

> On Sunday 20 March 2005 02:23, Bengt Stark wrote:
> > I have been looking at the PCB of the Nexus2.3...
> Now
> > I wonder if this card runs with the "budget patch"
> as
> > default...? Can this card extract full TS without
> > doing any own modification to the PCB?
> > 
> > Hope someone with such card can answer me...
> I do not have such card, but afaik, no, it cannot be
> done:
> The nexus-s 2.3 has only swapped frontend compared
> to earlier versions.
> Kenneth

Well yes... But if you look at the pictures that
someone here posted ( http://www.ploeb.de/nexus.html )
you can see that the SAA7146 has the same connections
as the budget cards (
) the older cards do not have these connections... So
therefor I wondered if the budgetpatch now was on the
card from the beginging...

Can someone with such card decline or confirm?

Best regards!

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