[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nexus-S v2.3 budgetpatch?

Bengt Stark bengt_stark at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 22:27:48 CET 2005

--- Bernd <sauna-untensitzer at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Bengt (or whatever your name is)!

Well it should be Bengt and nothing else... Pardon if
this has been bothering you...
> > Well yes... But if you look at the pictures that
> > someone here posted (
> http://www.ploeb.de/nexus.html )
> > you can see that the SAA7146 has the same
> connections
> > as the budget cards (
> >
> > ) the older cards do not have these connections...
> So
> > therefor I wondered if the budgetpatch now was on
> the
> > card from the beginging...
> >
> > Can someone with such card decline or confirm?
> >
> Well, I own a Nexus-S rev. 2.3, as you could read in
> the mailing list. I 
> tested and tried to help Kenneth and the other
> experts. But I'm a newbie in 
> hardware,  driver development and DVB. 
> If you could tell me some backgrounds about
> budgetpatch, PCB and TS (what is 
> it?) and what I should test on my Nexus-S, maybe I
> could help you.

Well for some older revisions of the card 1.3, 1.5 and
2.1 there was a hardware modification that could be
done that would allow a GPIO on the SAA7146 to
modulate a square pulse making the premium card act
like if it would be a budget card and thus allow it to
capture a full TransportStream (TS) from a transponder
this is good if you would want to be able to record
two channels from the same transponder. This patch
also need some driver change, but this has been
included in the lastet CVS, so you should be able to
turn this on... 
Why I thought that maybe the people over at
TechnoTrend was that I noticed that there were tracks
from the SAA7146 at the same places that the budget
cards has tracks... I'll guess time will tell... Maybe
it some insurance for the the DVB2 system that is
thought to be MPEG4HD...
> But there's another thing: A few days after I did
> some posts to the linuxdvb 
> mailing list, there's another guy with almost the
> same name (Bernd Stark - 
> Bengt Stark) posting to the same list concerning the
> same topic. Can this 
> happen by accident?
> If "Bengt Stark" is not your real name, would you
> mind to change your alias to 
> avoid that you and me are mixed up? Thank you.
> Best regards
> Bernd Stark (real name)

Well best regards from Bengt Stark... 

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