[linux-dvb] [PATCH] for Skystar2 USB box

V.Catana skystar at moldova.cc
Mon Mar 21 07:48:07 CET 2005


I'v been testing a SkyStar2 USB box with Patrick Boettcher's new driver
and found the following issues:

- driver receives many null TS packets (pid=0x1fff). They occupy the
   limited USB bandwidth and this leads to loss of video packets.
   Enabling the null packet filter fixes this.
- packets that flexcop sends to USB have a 2 byte header that has to
   be removed.
- sometimes a TS packet is split between different urbs. These parts have
   to be combined in a temporary buffer.

The included patch has been tested with vdr and mplayer. There is another
problem that is not fixed yet. When driver modules are unloaded and
reinserted again the box wount start sending data to USB. You need to
remove the modules, disconnect and reconnect the power cable from the
USB box and then insert the modules.

best regards,
Vadim Catana
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