[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nexus-S v2.3

Roberto Deza rdeza at gmx.net
Mon Mar 21 08:53:19 CET 2005


At 02:32 20/03/2005 +0100, Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
>On Sunday 20 March 2005 02:23, Bengt Stark wrote:
>> I have been looking at the PCB of the Nexus2.3... Now
>> I wonder if this card runs with the "budget patch" as
>> default...? Can this card extract full TS without
>> doing any own modification to the PCB?

I think that it's possible, adding one wire :-) ; read below.

>> Hope someone with such card can answer me...
>I do not have such card, but afaik, no, it cannot be done:

I developed the "budget patch" idea/hardware and the first DVB_driver patch 
for it; on the documentation that was available for download at Wiki page 
(sorry, again the link is broken :-( ), I commented that this "budget patch"
should be much more easy to do on TT_DVB-S rev 2.2 that on previous versions
(1.3, 1.5, 1.6 & 2.1), being enought to interconect two pins of the SAA7146;
I don't had/have this rev 2.2 card, but from reports and pictures, also for
rev 2.3 cards, I think that it should be easy :-).

On a alternate way, instead of link the two SAA7146 pins (to regenerate a 
pseudo VSYNC signal), one could mount the two CMOS divider circuits (sorry,
I don't remember now the references, but are on the refered documentation)
on the pads that are reserved for its, on rev 2.2 & 2.3 PCB; to more details,
on rev 2.3 cards this pads are below the PCB string 'DVB-s Rev.: 2.3'.

I don't have the rev 2.3 card, so I can't verify the feasibility of my idea.

Best regards:
Roberto Deza Asensio
Universidad de Navarra
Data Procesing Center
rdeza at unav.es

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