[linux-dvb] my dvbszap applet

Guido Draheim guidod-2003- at gmx.de
Thu Mar 24 05:21:32 CET 2005

Any release junkies around who use "szap" for their DVB-S cards?

I had a look at some of my old projects these days. (being without
a job gave a good opportunity). At some time I had started a little
dvb lib, but actually gone over to use pygtk to build an applet that
would wrap "szap" and a video viewer. Just for convenience so that
I would stop from running a dozen terminals to handle the dvb cards.

So, now the pygtk applet is ported to pure C gtk. It docks into the
gnome panel showing a combo box with the channels.conf entries. And
it runs szap in the background. That's pretty much all it does but
it did allow me to track down problems better while keeping the tools
as separate ones. And I did always have problems with atleast one of
my dvb cards /sigh/

Anyway, if you dare to try, have a look at

Running `rpmbuild -ta dvbzap-0.3.10.tar.bz2` on a suse linux system
will create good rpm files that can be installed/deleted easily. And
remember to login/logout to activate the bonobo server files needed
for such applets.

Any comments appreciated,
-- guido                                  http://google.de/search?q=guidod
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