[linux-dvb] Weird initialisation time of SCM Red Viaccess CAM with Twinhan cards (!?)

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Thu Mar 24 16:56:48 CET 2005


I'm currently testing how Twinhan card behave with SCM Red Viaccess

The weird thing is that I need to let the driver wait for 4 seconds
after initialisation lest the communication with the CAM does not work
at all (i.e I cannot get application info).

4s is an awful long time. To me, it looks more like a time-out than
the normal end of a transaction. It's definitely possible that we
(i.e Manu and I) missed something in the initialisation sequence.

So, I'd like to know from other users of SCM Red Viaccess CAM: what is
the initialisation time of the CAM on your setup ?  

I also would like to know what dvb card, driver and application you're

(For instance, the initialisation time of Aston card should be around

Thanks for any info.

PS: my  setup is :
- Hercules Smart TV satellite card (Twinhan VP-1030 clone)
- SCM Red Viaccess CAM
- TPS subscription
- driver is a pre-release of CVS's twinhan-exp branch.
- application are still szap and a hacked ca_zap.

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