[linux-dvb] tda1004x firmware upload problem

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at cc.helsinki.fi
Sun Mar 27 01:56:52 CET 2005

su, 2005-03-27 kello 01:47 +0100, Kenneth Aafløy kirjoitti:
> The suggestions I made in my previous mail still applies, since x68 and x86-64
> is actually no different in writes to a pipe (unless i'm missing the obvious).

Oh yes, that. The firmware path is correct; I don't know about the rest,
though, _but_ considering that the Ubuntu hotplug package is the exact
same thing for both architectures (and I mean _exact_; the package
itself is platform-independent, and I haven't modified the scripts), I'm
currently rather thinking there may be a portability bug on the kernel

(I can't reboot right now to try and get the firmware agent to spew some
debug info, but will do that tomorrow in spite of the above hunch, as,
after all, I'm not an expert.)

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