[linux-dvb] Typhoon/KNC1 DVB-S with new Tuner SU1278/SH-2

harald harald538 at cantv.net
Sun Mar 27 08:28:20 CEST 2005

sorry i'am new here for following reason.
I have got new Typhoon DVB-S, PCI-ID 1131-7146 Subdev 18940010,
that seems to be KNC1 HW, 4 weeks ago, but doesn't work.
I patched the the PCI-ID in kernel 2.6.11 and also in newest cvs, must 
change the
i2c adress to 0x60 for the pll device TSA5059, then the i2c_transfer 
returns o.k.
but it doesn't change the tuner frequency in real.
Have they changed something in Hardware (i didn't open up to now) or 
only the TSA5059
If i set the card with WIN2k devicedriver to a spec. transponder and 
reboot i get the channels
on this transponder, but cannot change the frequency, with szap or 
dvbtune ...
Tell me what info you need to help me get it running on Rocklinux with 
kernel 2.6.11.
Sorry i forgot, last time i programmed in C was 1996 on HP-UX, so
maybe i haven't checked all correctly.

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