[linux-dvb] v4l2 interface seems not to work

Ruediger Dohmhardt ruediger.dohmhardt at freenet.de
Sun Mar 27 23:03:40 CEST 2005

Video Researcher wrote:

> However both mp4live and xawtv, based on v4l2 API, do
> not work. Nothing can be seen except of blank screen.
Same to me using including the provided dvb-drivers for my DVB-C full
featured card.
/var/log/messages tells me, that I can zap channels (using vdr-1.3.23), but
neither tvtime nor xawtv don't show video.

You said, you did something to udev in oder to create required devices.
Although you haven't succeded in getting a video, which devices must udev create
(I use udev-055) and what rules did you add?

Ciao Ruediger

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